Spike’s Inventions – Cartoon Calendar


Prestige Multisheet Wall Calendar

7 Page Photographic – Spike’s Inventions

Ref: H80J
Calendar Size: 440mm (h) x 580mm (w)
Ad Copy Size: 100mm (h) x 210mm (w)

Hilarious portrayals of the inimitable Spike – whether it’s as the inventor, creator, or as an assistant. From mobile phones to pizzas, Spike is/was around to avail himself of the technological advancements, and creations. See him as Leonardo (or is it ‘Spikeornardo`?) the great innovator (and artist). With some historical narrative explaining the truth about the masterminds behind the inventions, these caricatures are bound to make us laugh out loud or chuckle to ourselves.

Pictures are improved by our UV varnish.


This calendar is also available in a 7 pg budget version – H41J


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