Eco-Inspirations – Eco Calendar


Prestige Multisheet Wall Calendar

7 Page Photographic – Eco-Inspirations

Ref: K80D
Calendar Size: 440mm (h) x 580mm (w)
Ad Copy Size: 100mm (h) x 210mm (w)

With exquisite studies of nature’s immense palette this is an inspiring and evocative product reflecting vivid, almost ethereal, displays of our planet’s marvels. As the title suggests this is a calendar which has been designed to inspire and induce us to make small contributions to preserving our ecosystems within our local domains – whether they be urban or rural.

We are here on this earth for a brief sojourn – a ‘wink of an eyelid’ – so it’s up to us to leave this planet as an  untarnished natural masterpiece.

Give your customers both a green footprint and marketing tool with these conceptually natural images.

This calendar is also available in a 7 pg budget version – K41D


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