Page-a-Day Diaries

Desk Page-a-Day: 384 pages, Trim size 270 (h) x 205mm (w)
Management / A5 plus Page-a-Day: 352 pages, Trim size 236 (h) x 164mm (w)
A5 Page-a-Day: 352 pages, Trim size 210 (h) x 148mm (w)

These trusted companions are printed in grey and blue ink on white paper, with 16 pages of useful information bound into the front of the book and a telephone index at the back. Maps of Africa, RSA and major business centres are available as an optional extra. Commercial inserts with specific industry-related information for the Engineering, Building, Transport or Agricultural sector are also available as an optional extra for the standard A5 page-a-day diary. Customised inserts can be designed according to your specifications and inserted into your diary gifts for additional brand exposure.


Organiser A5 Page-a-Day

Book block: 210 (h) x 148mm (w) Cover size: 230 (h) x 180mm (w)

Luxury designed covers are padded with elegantly stitched PU that close with a flap and stud. Supplied complete with cover, diary inserts, as well as dividers & extras. The cover features a 6-ring binding mechanism, extra pockets on the inside as well as a pen holder. Re-fill inserts can be purchased separately.


Organiser A5 Page-a-Day – Open Ring Mechanism

Book block: 210 (h) x 148mm (w)

Adding a modern touch to the trusted organiser, we now offer you die-cut covers that reveal the ring-binding. You have a choice of exotic leather-look covers or custom-printed, laminate-finish covers to complement this look. The organisers are supplied complete with cover and diary inserts. Dividers & extras can be ordered as an addition. Simply order annual re-fill inserts for coming years.


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